First days in Oxford as Weidenfeld-Hoffmann Scholar

I start this post with a joke we developed during the last 5 days, which we now refer to as a “pasta" joke!

During one of the breakfasts with my fellow scholars, I asked my friend Aditta to pass me pasta. He was shocked saying “What “pasta” do you mean?! We don’t have an Italian food here, do we?!”.

OMG! This was what I meant!


I explained that it is how we call “"spread” in Russian. He started to laugh like crazy asking me “But what do you call pasta in Russian”. I said that we call it “Pasta”! :) Since then, every breakfast we started with the “pasta” joke!

This week was one of the most enriching experience I had so far. Never ever have I thought that you can go as far discussing what freedom actually means at the Moral Philosophy Seminars. People with engineering and environmental background spoke of ideas I would have never thought about with my legal background. I pushed the boundaries of what I would now call a rather limited outlook of the concepts of leadership, freedom, rights and international justice.

I just leave here a question we discussed for you to think about.

There is a child drowning in the pond two steps from you. There is a child dying from Malaria at another continent, whose life you can safe contributing 10£ (we presume it is possible). Do you have an equal moral obligation (if any at all) to safe both kids? Would you feel equally guilty for not saving a child in both cases? If not, why?

Back to the funny part! Now I know why Oxford and Cambridge are rivals!


We had a tour around Oxford, and our guide explained that in 12th century a group of student were unsatisfied with other Oxford students, who were mostly chilling rather than studying. So, they moved to the town on the River Cam at the north of London and established their own university there.

It makes sense now, because I heard from Cambridge graduates that they studied all the time, while I would say that Oxford is very good at balancing social life and studying.

We also had amazing dinners with great people, where we spoke about leadership a lot, but apart from that….just have a look…

Our cohort is amazing! And next year you can also be a part of it, because applications for the Weidenfeld-Hoffmann Scholarships are now open! Go to to find out.


I now have loads of work to do and thing to learn about Oxford colleges, libraries, IT services, etc. So, that is what I do at the moment, but I decided it would be great idea to let you know what I was doing for the past 5 days.


The last thing I want to tell you is that if you read this post to this point you can definitely achieve anything you want! I believe in you!