How I went to the Hague Academy of International Law with scholarship


Hi! This August I spent 3 weeks in the Hague Academy of International Law in the Netherlands. Every day I had lectures two steps away from the International Court of Justice. I was also lucky to attend the Iran-United States Claims Tribunal and the Embassies of Iraq and Malaysia. 

We had a special lecture on the Permanent Court of Arbitration with its Deputy Secretary-General and Principal Legal Counsel, Brooks Daly, as well as a lecture on the International Court of Justice by Florence Zaoui, who is the Legal Officer at the International Court of Justice.

There is only one way to attend the Academy - submit an application form. You will provide regular information about yourself and your previous studies. BUT! You can also apply for the scholarship, which covers almost all expenses.

If you want to receive the scholarship, apart from the regular application, you have to be a student (bachelor or master levels), submit a letter of motivation and ask one of your professors to give you the recommendation letter.

Motivation letter

In the motivation letter I recommend to indicate a number of things:

1) Tell about yourself and how you are involved with international law. Try to describe what attracts you in international law or what motivates you to study it. Be specific, give an example, which proves your point.

2) Describe your career plans. Include both short-term and long-term objectives.

3) Tell the Academy why you want to attend it, how it will influence your studies or foster your career opportunities.

4) Remember that people who read your letter are also humans, so do not write unsupported statements and things everyone can find on the internet in sample motivation letters.

Recommendation letter

Ask your referee to point out why you are a good student, whether you are diligent with attending the classes and preparing homework. Ask the referee to indicate your extracurricular activities and your abilities to build networks with various people, generate ideas and effectively implement them.

The Academy has also launched the winter courses, so you have plenty options as to the attendance periods.

Comment down below for any queries! Good luck!